Pricing – How it works

All beef boxes are modeled after traditional butchering costs but calculated to take into account trim loss. Going with a USDA a regulated facility costs more on our end. When a person buys from a local farmer, they pay based on "hanging weight" and are responsible for coordinating with the butcher.

On average a quarter will cost between $700 to $900 but will depend on the hanging weight of the animal. The actual weight received is between 60 to 65 percent of the hanging weight. If you are paying $3.50 to $4.00 per pound on "hanging weight" the "actual" cost per pound will be around $9 per pound. Primo Beef does the leg work and covers all costs upfront. All meat is packaged, delivered to your door, and ready for your family to enjoy.

The smaller 20- and 40-pound boxes are priced a lot less than major boxed beef companies and less than you would pay at a grocery store for quality grass-fed beef. On average you will pay around $12.24 per pound at a major grocery store if you include all the cuts that come in these boxes. Delivery is not included in the price, but we offer the option for pick up or delivery. Prices for local delivery are in line with transportation companies that charge a minimum fee per delivery and at least $1.00 per mile.