Local Grass-Fed Beef



Primo Beef Story

Primo Beef Story

Primo Beef isn’t your typical farm-to-table operation. What started as a family hobby transformed into a way of life. Located in the farmlands of Woodland, Washington where the Columbia and Lewis Rivers converge– an area locally known as the Bottoms – residents have been farming crops and raising livestock in the Bottoms for well over 100 years.

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Our Process

1/2 Share of Beef

Primo 20 Beef Box

Primo 40 Beef Box

Ground Beef Box

Pricing – How it works

All beef boxes are modeled after traditional butchering costs, but calculated to take into account trim loss. Going with a USDA a regulated facility costs more on our end. When a person buys from a local farmer, they pay based on "hanging weight" and are responsible for coordinating with the butcher. On average a quarter will cost between $700 to $900, but will depend on the actual weight of the animal.

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Great quality meat. Haven't tried all the cuts, but the ones we had were great. Most importantly, they didn't lose color like many store bought do after defrosting.

Sveta Doro

Great packaging and product, we have really enjoyed all the beef we have tried so far and appreciate the outstanding service!!

Lisa Garrison

Tried the ribeye last night and they were awesome. Barely seasoned them because I wanted to taste the meat. So flavorful and the meat is like butter melting in your mouth. I would recommend this to anyone. Great service and great pricing.

Shane David

My husband and I purchased some meat from Primo Beef, and it was amazing. We have never had enough space to be able to buy a whole or half cow, so having an opportunity to buy smaller amounts has been so nice!

Kaycee Alejo

We are repeat customers. Great quality beef. Delivered to your door, vacuum packed, and perfectly portioned! Doesn't' get any better than that.

Marlo Marie